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Infidelity playing the genetic card

Infidelity may result from many reasons, mostly social and economic in nature, but genetic reasons could be added to the list, according to new research.

ISS parking lot gets crowded

Parking lot at International Space Station (ISS) is getting crowded, as five ships have been docked over the weekend.

T : Introducing a new kit for the rehabilitation of electrical heating

Designed for use with electric heating systems or cooling systems, kit Ecoseo from KOTHERM is specially suitable for the rehabilitation of electrical heating.

AC : Launching a new range of air handling units with energy recovery

Topvex FR03-11 units from SYSTEMAIR are designed for offices, shops, kindergartens, schools and other commercial spaces.

JP : Hitachi launches a solar cooling system

Hitachi Plant Technologies, Ltd. (HPT), a subsidiary of Japanese company Hitachi Ltd., recently announced the development of an air conditioning system that uses its own solar energy collectors.

EU : EDF EN and Alstom allies in launching offshore wind

Alstom and EDF EN have signed an exclusive contract in order to answer the call for projects covered by the French government, in offshore wind energy.

EU : Ten European countries will create a large network of wind power in northern European Union

Ten European countries have signed on Friday in Brussels, a cooperation agreement to create a network of wind power in the North Sea, English Channel, Irish Sea and Celtic Sea.

FR : Floating wind turbine - Launching VertiWind

Technip associated with Nenuphar, Converteam and EDF EN, announces VertiWind project based on the design, manufacture, installation and testing of a pre-industrial prototype of floating wind turbine.

INTL : Americans no longer believe the world masters

A survey among Americans reveals that many of them believe that, more recently, China became the leading economic power in the world, ahead of the United States.

GY : Construction of the first photovoltaic park in French Guiana (4.3 MW)

Voltalia, a producer of electricity based on renewable energies, announced on Monday the implementation of the first photovoltaic park in French Guiana.

CA : Plutonic Expands into Ontario Market

Plutonic Power Corporation and GE Energy Financial Services have agreed to acquire a 50-megawatt portfolio of 3 photovoltaic solar facilities to be built in Ontario from First Solar, Inc.

USA : Geothermal Project Breaks Ground On First Production Well in New Mexico

After months of analyzing data collected from an exploratory well and securing project partners, Raser Technologies Inc. is ready to move forward with its New Mexico geothermal power project.

CU : Cuba Signs Deal to Develop Biomass Energy Plants

United Kingdom-based Havana Energy Ltd. has announced a partnership with the Cuban government's Ministry of Sugar to develop technology to build biomass energy plants.