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AC : Launching a new range of air handling units with energy recovery

Published on General news  |  February 10, 2011, 11:49

Topvex FR03-11 units from SYSTEMAIR are designed for offices, shops, kindergartens, schools and other commercial spaces.

These plants are compact, characterized by a low power consumption (energy recovery - 80%) and a high efficiency heat exchanger.
To facilitate installation and operation, power plants are equipped with a control system, so they are ready to work immediately after the connections.

The new center features a unique design with a rotary heat exchanger with double pipe system, providing a flat construction.
Rotary exchanger prevents condensation. The unit allows easy installation, especially in false ceilings.

- flat and compact construction
- easy installation and operation
- EC engine for electronic switching: with low power consumption and low noise level
- easy inspection and maintenance
- pre-wired control

The control panel Topvex FR is equipped with 3 temperature sensors (fresh air supply and return) and is supplied already programmed, thus simplifying the installation and operation of its.

Control Panel manages:
- 2 speed ventilation (slow or fast) and different air flow
- independent regulation of fan input and exhaust air
- temperature control through its programming
- the recovery of heat or cold
- control of an external battery

And adding sensors:
- temperature control room (ambient sensor TG-R5/PT1000)
- cooling at night (ambient sensor and outdoor TG-R5/PT1000 TG-KH/PT1000)
- CO2 control fan drive (sensor CO2DT CO2RT or CO2)
- the cold air supply (sensor TG-KH/PT1000)

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