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CU : Cuba Signs Deal to Develop Biomass Energy Plants

Published on General news  |  January 18, 2011, 10:39

United Kingdom-based Havana Energy Ltd. has announced a partnership with the Cuban government's Ministry of Sugar to develop technology to build biomass energy plants.

Havana Energy will work with state-owned Zerus SA to create renewable energy by burning sugarcane bagasse. Bagasse is the fibre left over from crushing sugar cane.
In a country with 56 sugar refineries this could solve one of the biggest challenges facing biomass power plants supply.

Havana Energy has committed £$157 million in a 30 megawatt pilot project at the Ciro Redondo sugar mill, 250 miles south-east of Havana.
According to Havana Energy tapping these refineries could result in supplying 50% of "Cuba’s current 3,000 MW power needs".

"Our Cuban colleagues have a deep understanding of the renewable sector, they have already registered CDM projects and have pilot projects in most renewable areas (hydro, solar, waste, etc). This is a very exciting project in all senses; more electricity, more sugar, more sugar by-products and all using renewable resources", said Andrew Macdonald, director of Havana Energy.

Havana Energy Ltd. is a renewable energy company focussed on the Cuban Energy Sector. In partnership with the Cuban Government under their "Energy Revolution"’ initiative, Havana Energy Ltd. company aims to develop clean decentralized low carbon electricity for the people of Cuba.

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