RO: Romania could produce devices that convert air into water - General news news

RO: Romania could produce devices that convert air into water

Published on General news  |  June 21, 2010, 18:41

A French company, in partnership with a group of investors, including the Romanian one, wants to open a devices factory in Romania that take water vapor and converts into water.

We are in final talks for a factory here. We want to start this year. We will start with 1,000 devices (assembled) per month, for small housing and offices, and in the future we want to achieve 5000.

‘’We will try to take as many parts of Romania, but a first step, we will bring from French what we do not find here,’’;said Julien Cavanna for Evenimentul Zilei, representative of the World Water Solution, the French company that designed and developed this equipment, called ‘’Eauxygen’’.

‘’The vapors is collected and condensed and the resulting water is recirculated through four filters 24 hours 24.  The amount of water produced depends on temperature and humidity - with both larger, much more water is produced’’, said Michel Poyet, who deals with research and product development.

According to him, depending on humidity – from the room - such a device can produce between 0.5 and one liter of water per hour. The price of such a device will be 1,200 euros, without VAT. Annual filter change will cost about 80 euros.

Sales market will be mainly for export to countries where people have limited access to water.
According to experts, it takes an average humidity of 35% for domestic machine to produce water. The French company has designed and ’’water machines’’ at industrial scale, which can generate 500 gallons per day, depending on customer demand.

‘’It is estimated that one in three humans on the planet will have access to potable water source in 2020, but 6500 km cubic of water are always available in the atmosphere. Hence the idea of collecting water from the air, ‘’said Michel Poyet.

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