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T : Introducing a new kit for the rehabilitation of electrical heating

Published on General news  |  February 10, 2011, 12:39

Designed for use with electric heating systems or cooling systems, kit Ecoseo from KOTHERM is specially suitable for the rehabilitation of electrical heating.

A quick electrical heating system (less than 30 minutes), with energy economies of 10-25%.

The new system includes a programmable thermostat for seven days, providing four programs: a wake-up, day, evening, night, holiday and ECO program, a temporary control of temperature, and antifreeze protection system.

The receiver serves as a command "ON / OFF" (power - off) and the thermostat transmitter serves as an interface and temperature control center, providing a wireless radio technology.

Technical description:
- adjustment and programming of the heating temperature, user's desire
- possibility of ordering three heating devices with a single thermostat
- thermostat equipped with a wireless radio technology
- installation in less than 30 minutes
- just a simple electrical connection
- 230V power supply
- does not draw any power cable, no additional power switch
- warranty - 2 years

Quick and easy installation:
- convector or heating device directly connected to 230V power supply
- ECOSEO kit = 1 thermostat + 3 receptors

- power supply:
1. Emitter : 2 cell 1.5V LR6 (AA)
2. Receiver : 230VAC, 50 Hz
- frequency : 433 MHz
- contact relay : 230VAC, 16A
- ambient temperature range : from -5grd.C up to +35grd.C
- accuracy : ± 0.5grd.C
- emitter size : 115x90x28mm
- receiver size : 88x88x40mm
- color : white

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