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USA : Launch of new inductive proximity sensors

Published on General news  |  January 12, 2011, 10:19

The american company Automation Systems Interconnect Inc. adds a new product to its complete line of inductive proximity sensors for high temperature.

The new sensor is available in a stainless housing, corrosion resistance and is suitable for high temperature applications of 250ºC (482ºF).
Also, the product offer switching distances of 40mm, by two models : NPN or PNP, both programmable NO (default) or NC.

Sensors, that operate above 180ºC, requiring an external amplifier to work. The american company comes with an offer that includes two amplifier versions, which can perform the criteria in wide range of industrial applications.

The high temperature sensors, HT series, are ideal for applications where a continous, efficiency and reliable operation, at high temperatures, is necessary, such as : steel mills, rolling mills, metallurgical and glass industry, automotive industry and much more.

Other features :
- sensor size : M8 - M50
- connectors and cables versions
- protection degree IP67 (IP = International Protection Rating)
- sensor calibration for quick and accurate installation
- 3 wire DC operation (rated operating distance sn = 3mm; output polarity DC)
- protection system against a short circuit

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