GY : Construction of the first photovoltaic park in French Guiana (4.3 MW) - Business & Investments news

GY : Construction of the first photovoltaic park in French Guiana (4.3 MW)

Published on Business & Investments  |  January 19, 2011, 9:08

Voltalia, a producer of electricity based on renewable energies, announced on Monday the implementation of the first photovoltaic park in French Guiana.

Located in the Tonnegrande Montsinery city, in French Guiana, solar power plant, which has an installed capacity of 4.3 MW, is equipped with 19,000 photovoltaic panels.

The plant will provide 6 million kWh annually, the equivalent consumption of 4,200 people and will avoid emissions of approximately 4,800 tonnes of carbon dioxide per year.

Works for this project were completed as planned, being deployed for four months about 60 workers, engineers and technicians from Guyana and Metropolis.

The plant began operating in late December 2010, causing the first network kWh. Reselling electricity, guaranteed by a contract with EDF, the company will ensure a turnover of approximately 50 million euro in 20 years.

"We are very proud to have implemented this plant which allows a rapid development of the region, towards a sustainable energy model based on a reduced dependence on fossil fuels and the use of local resources", said Robert Dardanne, president of Voltalia, welcoming the first major operation in the field of solar, in Guyana.

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