TH : Development of a mega project of solar energy, in Thailand - Business & Investments news

TH : Development of a mega project of solar energy, in Thailand

Published on Business & Investments  |  January 17, 2011, 11:14

Japanese Kyocera Group announces the delivery of 1 million solar modules of 204 MW power, for the largest solar energy project in Thailand.

In fact, the "solar farms", which aims to build an outdoor plants in north-east, by the company Solar Power, includes 34 photovoltaic installations, 6 MW each, in different configurations, to provide a total capacity of 204 MW.

The electricity generated will be distributed to private consumers and enterprises, by the regional electricity authority.

The project will cover the annual needs of the energy needs of 170,000 households in Thailand (according to calculations made by Kyocera, the average annual electricity consumption per household is 1.800 kWh).

To reduce its energy dependence, Thailand has increased efforts by appealing to products with lower energy consumption and alternative energy.

Moreover, due to a warmer climate that benefits the country, in the future will increasingly turn to solar energy.

Since the introduction of a redemption charge in 2007, serious efforts are being made for this type of energy.
Until 2022, Thailand provides the implementation of solar installations, with a total capacity of 500 MW.

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