International Wave & Tidal Round-Up - Wave & Tidal energy news

International Wave & Tidal Round-Up

Published on Wave & Tidal energy  |  April 6, 2010, 14:13

UK continues its momentum in the marine renewables industry with the announcement of a 5m grant to support the 12.8m Wave Hub Project off the north coast of Cornwall.

UK’s sea beds manager, Crown Estate awarded exclusive lease rights to five wave and five tidal energy projects off the coast of Orkney and Pentland Firth.

The EMEC testing facility is preparing to assist developers in assessing the environmental effects of their projects. EMEC joined forces with Orkney Sustainable Fisheries to monitor newly released hatchery reared juvenile lobsters by an annual catch and release programme.

Environment Secretary Richard Lochhead stated that the Scottish Government has provided £67,000 for the project.
The newest wave energy conversion plant was presented by Oceanlinx at Port Kembla.  The plant is able to provide sufficient energy to power 1000 homes at lower costs than earlier models.

The SeaGen unit of Ireland got positive reports, showing minimal impacts notwithstanding that Strangford Loughs, where Marine Current Turbine’s  (MCT)SeaGen unit is sited is an environmentally sensitive area. Canadian Bay of Fundy is a potention site for SeaGen if minimal impacts prove to be true.

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