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New Nosogard infection control filters from Siemens Water Technologies

Published on Wave & Tidal energy  |  March 16, 2010, 19:06

Siemens Water Technologies introduced Nosogard infection control filters for the healthcare market - Point-of-use sterile filters help prevent waterborne infections

The Nosogard infection control filters prevent pathogens in water used in the healthcare industry. The 7, 14 or 30-day point-of-use sterile filters feature a unique design that combines a 1.0-micron pre-filter and a 0.2-micron micro porous membrane to remove water-borne pathogenic organisms. Siemens tested the filters’ integrity individually and validates their performance.

The filters are shipped in radiosterilized packaging with peel-able lids to maintain sterility.
A number of nosocomial infections have been linked to waterborne pathogens. Some of them are legionella pneumophila, stenotrophomonas maltophilia and pseudomonas aeruginosa. Patients can get infected with these pathogens through drinking water and ice, hand washing, showering, and medical equipment rinsed in tap water.
Especially vulnerable to such type of infections are newborns, the elderly, burn victims and transplant patients. 10 percent of patient infections and even patient deaths are believed to be caused by nosocomial infections.

Nick Amstrong, Product Manager for Health Science Solutions at Siemens Water Technologies states: “Siemens’ Nosogard filters are an economical way of preventing waterborne infections, and therefore helping to ensure patient safety. The filters are one of the latest offerings in a line of water treatment products from Siemens Water Technologies to improve water quality and safety for customers worldwide.”

Nosogard filters for 7-day and 14-day are validated to remove all organisms, and the 30-day Nosogard filters are validated to remove legionella only, for 30 days. Also available for costumers is a 60-day Nosogard infection control filter requiring autoclaving on a daily basis to provide 60-day sterilization.

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