Wave energy device E.ON Vagr Atferd is ready for testing - Wave & Tidal energy news

Wave energy device E.ON Vagr Atferd is ready for testing

Published on Wave & Tidal energy  |  August 4, 2010, 10:33

Wave energy device Vagr Atferd of E.ON has reached the European Marine Energy Centre (EMEC) in Orkney to begin testing.

Wave energy device of 750 kW Vagr Atferd , is designed and built by Pelamis Wave Power.

Amaan Lafayette, E.ON’s Marine Development Manager, says:
“This is the beginning of an exciting period in the development of marine energy. Vagr Atferd is capable of generating 750 kW of renewable energy and this period of testing will help us determine what we need to do to ensure that marine energy makes the transition from development to commercial deployment".

Test program is designed to increase in intensity every 12 months to examine the viability of wave energy converter P2.

Wave energy device has a length of 180 meters long- or as long as the Gherkin building in London is tall – and weighs approximately 1300 tones.

The motion of the waves produces electricity by driving a set of hydraulic rams at the hinged joints, which link the cylindrical sections of the device.

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