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CT: Launching a wireless sensor of humidity and temperature

Published on HVACR & Plumbing  |  September 20, 2010, 10:20

Radio-Tech Limited, a specialist in wireless telemetry, has developed a "smart" humidity and temperature sensor, powered by fuel cells, for internal and external applications.

The new device Ecosense is available in three versions:
- Internal and external option (indicating temperature and humidity) and
- Area option (indicating only a wall surface temperature).

The sensor emits radio waves every five minutes, transmitting its data to a RT concentrator: Wi5 Radio Tech (or from a Modbus receiver). Collected information is then sent directly to a server.

Designed for the construction industry and energy consortiums, Ecosense sensor was initially designed for the Energy Saving Trust.
The supplied product, correlated measurements of temperature and humidity, internal and external, and the wall surface temperature, to assess the degree of isolation a home.

Ecosense transmitter is served by radio waves and requires no connection to the network so that the sensor is easy to install.
Unit, perfectly calibrated, is powered by a lithium power cell with a lifetime maximum of three years.

Technical data:

- Radio frequency: 434.92 MHz
- Output power: 5 dBm
- Resolution: 0.01 ° C
- Operating Temperature: from -10 º C to 40 ° C
- Temperature Accuracy: < 0.3 ° C
- Relative Humidity Accuracy: < 3% RH.

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