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FireTex GEA- The filter which melts instead of burning

Published on HVACR & Plumbing  |  May 25, 2010, 22:01

GEA-filter Company from Germany presents an international innovation: its new FireTex filters, made of a specially enhanced polypropylene fleece material.

These filters are fire-resistant, do not develop smoke, and do not drip in case of fire.

Because of their special properties the filters were classified in Class B, in accordance with DIN EN 13 501-1 2007, the European standard for construction materials. In addition, FireTex filters have also been classified as s1 for smoke development and d0 for dripping in case of fire.

With these filters GEA has satisfied the market demand for a better solution in fire-protection on HVAC installations.
The fire dampers used in HVAC installations could not provide protection themselves, so GEA came here with the solution providing a filter which melt instead burning.

FireTex offer advanced fire protection and fire pollution reduction for HVAC solutions in building facilities frequented by large numbers of people such as airports, hospitals, convention and congress centres, theatres, hotels, catering facilities, as well as applications in industry and commerce.

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