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Hayward’s new PoolMaster(TM) Series

Published on HVACR & Plumbing  |  April 26, 2010, 19:19

Hayward Flow Control Systems announced their new PoolMaster(TM) Butterfly Valves for commercial swimming pools, aquariums, and many other applications.

Available in 2-8 in. sizes, PoolMaster(TM) Valves feature PVC body and disc with EPDM liner.
Economical and highly reliable, they are safe for the environment as they don’t contain byproducts that can leach out and contaminate water and other sensitive fluids.

Hayward valves feature a one piece body incorporating fully supported flanged bolt holes to prevent stressing of the mating pipe flanges.
Positive sealing of the liner to the valve body is ensured by a blowout-proof 316 SS shaft and a full body liner.

The PoolMaster(TM) Valves are supplied with a solid integral ISO 5211 mounting pad that eases operation with a lever handle, gear or actuator.

Other options available feature gear operators, electric or pneumatic actuators, actuator mounts, and stem extensions.

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