Ogura presents new high efficiency air blowers

Published on HVACR & Plumbing  |  March 21, 2010, 11:20

The Ogura Rotary Air Blowers target industrial and mobile applications. Ogura Industrial offers its customers new versions of the TX Series Wankel based rotary positive displacement blowers.

The new models were developed based on the company's production Automotive and Marine duty Air Blowers or Superchargers. Ogura designed the new blowers for use in both Industrial and Mobile applications, and driven by electric motors

The blowers allow users to couple an electric motor directly to the blowers input shaft. The close coupling of the motor to the blower results in a small package and the ability to have full boost regardless of engine RPM. The products are ideal for Industrial furnaces, Floating passenger trains, Diesel Emission controls and Fuel Cells.

The TX Series models range from 400 - 2,800 cc's per revolution. Smaller sizes of 20-  200 cc's per revolution can be provided to costumers by special order.

Wankel-based, positive displacement blowers offer pressure differentials up to 2.0 for short durations, with 1.8 running continuously. Efficiencies as high as 65 to 70% can be achieved by the blower depending on model, pressure and flow.

The new blowers are suited for Mobile applications where size and weight are critical as they have high efficiency and small size.

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