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T: Launch of a new air/water heating pump

Published on HVACR & Plumbing  |  September 23, 2010, 11:17

Air France company recently launched a new type of air/water heating pump of high temperatures and calorific values ranging from 10 to 19 kW.

High temperature heating pump is a solution to replace a fuel heating system. Air France proposes in its range a heating pump of air/water type of high temperature, called Arcoa R/O HT.

Capable of producing water at 60 deg.C, to -10 deg. C outside, this new pump PAC can cover all heating needs. During summer, the pump is reversible, allowing the introduction of fresh air in some rooms.

Is compact (unit product) and silent, with COP index greater than 3.3, energy cost is low.

- Unit product, easy to install
- Fully pre-integrated hydraulic equipment
- Compact and silent;
- Instinctif control optimized setting to improve the accuracy of the pump operation
- Ideal for replacing old boilers, radiators without modification
- Reversible
- Operating at -15 deg.

Range: three models - 9,14 and 19 kW
- Calorific power: 9.1 to 19.5 KW
- Cooling power: 8.5 to 15.5 kW

Name: Arco R/O HT
R/O - air/water operating
HT - High temperature model

Application / Usage:
- Reversible heating of pump high temperature
- For heating and cooling in the residential sector. PAC pump is connected to a boiler or radiators

- heat exchangers (water) with insulated stainless steel plate, equipped with anti-frost resistance and differential pressure switch for water flow
- heat exchanger (air) with copper tubing and aluminum fins, equipped with a protective grid.

- Water filter - to protect the pump from impurities PAC
- Buffer balloon - to increase volume and improve water pump operation
- Flexible connections - to avoid transmission of vibrations;
- Balancing valve and flow Reader - to view water flow and its adjustment, where necessary
- Arcoa adjusting kit - for installation management
- Sludge separator - to remove impurities from the grid

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