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A new intelligent network technology

Published on Electricity & Automation  |  August 26, 2010, 7:49

GE Energy announced Tuesday the launch of GridCognos a new service for monitoring and remote diagnostics, with the CIGRE 2010 session which is held in Paris on August 23 to 27.

GridCognos discover potential problems of the electricity grid in the upstream, contributing actively to reduce unwanted power interruptions by detecting signs of failure, even before the onset of conventional warning systems.

"It is a particularly attractive solution for power companies, as this will allow them to avoid fines imposed by public authorities charged with regulating the electricity market in case of power outage in the electricity network. This system also protects against loss of income to service disruption, against the waste of electricity, and against possible adverse environmental impacts. GridCognos may reduce the risk of unexpected failure and subsequent power cuts almost 80% compared with a network of transformers lacking in our surveillance system", explains Eamonn Whelan, Monitoring and Diagnostics CEO from GE Energy.

Using a preventive maintenance system, this focuses on the actual condition of transformers, GE Energy emphasis on prediction and optimization.

GridCognos also allow avoiding loss of time and money associated with the operation of inspection facilities especially on transformers, which are often considered in perfect condition.

"In an era where energy future has never been so uncertain, we are delighted at the idea that our system GridCognos can ensure our clients continually, electricity supply, based on the fact that power infrastructures appear power cuts often without a sign of preventive warning", explains M. Whelan.

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