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EL,T : Dresser Waukesha Introduces New Combined Heat and Power Package

Published on Electricity & Automation  |  August 10, 2010, 14:32

Dresser Waukesha, a leading manufacturer of natural gas engines, has introduced a new combined heat and power package for its APG1000 generator set designed to maximize total efficiency in CHP applications.

The new CHP package for the 1MW APG1000 is expected to achieve up to 89.4% total efficiency (thermal plus electrical) in combined heat and power applications.

 In addition to generating electricity, CHP applications increase total system efficiency by utilizing engine heat for various purposes such as heating a building or industrial processes.
This effectively doubles the amount of usable energy created by the engine. 

The new APG1000 CHP package utilizes an optimized piping arrangement, plus these additions to the traditional Waukesha scope of supply:

• A skid-mounted cooling sub-system that optimizes the amount of recoverable engine heat and maximizes total efficiency by providing a single customer circuit inlet with a temperature of up to 80°C (176°F).

• The new ECP8000 control panel which is optimized for CHP applications.  The ECP8000 is user-friendly, factory-supplied and designed to monitor, control and protect the APG1000 CHP package.
The panel can be field-programmed to control customer-supplied components of the CHP system, such as pumps, ventilation fans and control valves. 

• A skid-mounted gas train with valve-proving system, Dungs® regulator and double blocking valve simplifies packaging and complies with common European and American packaging codes.

“With the APG1000 configured for CHP, Dresser Waukesha has a finely-tuned design that achieves world-class efficiency levels and yet remains flexible enough to meet end-users’ varying requirements for water temperature levels and flow rates", said Ben Ross, Product Engineering Manager, Dresser Waukesha. 

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