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EL: The launch of two new feeders

Published on Electricity & Automation  |  August 24, 2010, 8:47

Enermax Taiwanese manufacturer is expanding its range of feeders, Revolution 85 +, by launching of two new models.

First feeders of Enermax Revolution 85 + appeared in late 2008.

Taiwanese manufacturer refresh this family today with two new models. Designed around four lines of 12 V, 35 A (compared to the previous model with only 30A), these units offers 920 power, 1020 Watts respectively.
Minimum return is 85%, and the reached peak, 92%, which allows them to be 80 Plus Silver certified.

New power supplies comply with the rules ATX12V v2.3 and EPS12V v2.92. They are provided with numerous safety systems and are equipped with an engine with a twister fan with diameter of 13.9 cm and a ''Silent Ready'' system.

Enermax has equipped these new models from the range Revolution 85 + with technology that will make the fan to rotate between 30-60 seconds after turning off the device, to avoid a possible overheating.
This improves the durability of components, which explains a warranty of five years for new models of power supplies.

In terms of cables, are used two EPS connectors, so that the two models of power supplies are ideal for motherboards with two ''socket'' systems  and PCIe 6+2 pins fixed adapters and four removable.
In addition, there are 12 Serial ATA connectors, 6 Molex connectors, one Floppy, one 24-pin ATX.

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