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FR: Launch of a new type solar tracker system

Published on Solar energy & PV  |  September 1, 2010, 8:29

Exosun expert in building solar parks at ground level, large scale, launching - Exotrack - 1 axe, a second generation tracker designed for solar orientation by sun around its axis.

With "Exotrack - 1 axe", Exosun expands its range of solar trackers for a complementary product patented and innovative, designed with the same objective as the "Exotrack- 2 axe", to reduce the cost per solar kWh.

According to the French manufacturer, the car is "a tracker fitted with all the advantages necessary for a solar project cost, answering all environmental criteria".

"Exotrack - 1 axe" is guaranteed for 20 years and offers a 99% system availability, performance yield per hectare, thanks to optimal land ownership.

Equipped with a "backtracking" system or shading correction, "Exotrack - 1 axe" a increases production by 20% annually on average, compared to a fixed system.

The manufacturer says also that all components are recyclable and reusable, making new Exotrack product a robust and reliable, able to withstand strong weather (wind gusts up to 200 km / h).

"Suitable for all types of land and all types of photovoltaic panels, Exotrack - 1 axe  guarantees technical and energy performance, also financial competitive".

Founded in June 2007, Exosun made ground photovoltaic parks, large scale, equipped with patented & "Eurotracks". These systems allow orientation of solar panels by the sun, increasing production by up to 40%.

Pioneered in France,Exosun built for EDF EN  the first plant in France, equipped with this technology.

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