Helios presents H3A 214-235 P series of PV modules - Solar energy & PV news

Helios presents H3A 214-235 P series of PV modules

Published on Solar energy & PV  |  April 25, 2010, 16:13

The new H3A 214-235 P series of photovoltaic modules features 3 bus bars, confirming Helios Technology’s interest for innovation

Due to the 3 bus bars, the new series shows a significant increase in average module output power. The H3A 214-235 P was developed using highly efficient polycrystalline silicon cells manufactured in Italy, providing an excellent spectrum response in a very wide band of solar radiation frequency.

According to Helios Technology, the series is subjected to a great many, very strict quality controls throughout the entire production process. The series features an innovative design, with a more hardwearing and compact anodized aluminium frame that reduces laminate dimensions so the module only takes up an area of 1.63 m². The compact and very light modules are easy to install in the smallest places.

All raw materials are certified and high quality, guaranteed for more than 25 years. Resistant both to the impact of hailstones and to the most common atmospheric agents the front glass is just 3.2 mm thick and is textured so it reduces light reflections to a minimum. The new features allow for the supply of powers ranging from 214 to 235 Wp, with greater conversion efficiency.

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