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SE: Sweden is ready to beat the record or wind energy

Published on Wind energy & Turbines  |  September 21, 2010, 10:15

Swedish Association for wind energy development (SWE) provides more than 557 MW installed wind power on its territory by the end of this year.

Because demand for green energy is growing constantly, the wind energy in Sweden is rapidly growing.
This country, with less than 10 million people, plans to beat the reacord this year, despite a globally slowdown of investments in this sector.

Experts estimate that Swedish wind power industry has managed to cope with global economic recession.
The association provides professional installation of additional wind capacity this year, more than 557 MW (an increase of 36% compared with 2009).

Gothia Vind, a wind park operator, headquartered in Gothenburg, aims to install 100 "onshore" winds in southern Sweden, with a total capacity of between 200-300 MW.

The Swedish government has set the objective of producing electricity from renewable sources, representing approximately 50% of the country's energy needs by 2020.
Currently, 20% of Sweden's energy production is obtained from renewable sources.

The Sweden development in the wind sector was very fast - in mid 1980, wind size nearly doubled every four years. During 2009, 198 new wind farms were installed in Sweden. Today there are 219 wind plants under construction, with a total capacity of 495 MW.

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