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LDDLIGHT.com presents new LED Arc Lights

Published on Lighting  |  April 26, 2010, 19:01

The new IDR-CT Series Arc Lights from LDDLIGHT.com are designed for applications requiring an open arch of illumination.

The IDR-CT's semi-circle shape are unique within the Area Light Family from LDDLIGHT.com, delivering light that partially surrounds an object, providing illumination through a 180° arch.

Inspections are supported on both cylindrical surfaces and on objects requiring illumination of more than 1 side. To provide a bright field or dark field lighting the IDR-CT’s position can easily be changed.

The IDR-CT Arc Lights can be mounted in a fixed position, their open arch design allowing objects to easily be conveyed through their open 180° arch.

Available with 200 mm OD and 170 mm ID, units can be positioned to provide bright field or dark field lighting and are suited for inspection of cans and bottles, machine parts, and cosmetics.

The instruments provides color options like red, white, blue or green LEDs and additional wavelengths or sizes may be custom ordered

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