FR: Forclum solution comes with an energy saving solution in buildings - Alternative energy news

FR: Forclum solution comes with an energy saving solution in buildings

Published on Alternative energy  |  September 2, 2010, 9:43

Forclum Company’s new headquarters, a branch of the Eiffage group (France), shows the particularity to consume only 69 kWh/sqm/year, with 50% less than conventional office buildings.

Led by chief work "Eiffage Immobilier", this is the first operation labeled "BBC Effinergie in Ile de France".

"Le Volta" Building is a "U" shaped building with a center garden, consisting of five levels of ground and three basement levels. Terrace has a green roof, with photovoltaic panels. Facades on the east and west of the building consist of a double layer with air gap of 1 meter length, and the other parts of the building are formed from aluminum accessories, glass, aluminum composite panels.

The building has a usable area of 7000 sqm and 775 sqm gardens, for a 2536 sqm area and  was designed in the spirit of total adaptability: the possible subdivision of the building, horizontally and vertically by half floors.

Central floor allows independent control access to the two half floors. Concrete structure is provided with heavy doors and a minimum of poles in the façade, allowing the possibility of subdivision and the possibility of modifying the interior.

False floors and ceilings shall enable easy modification of low voltage electric grids.

The building is equipped with a BMS (Building Management System), which controls all the heating systems, air conditioning, and machinery on both facades of the building.

CIAT group offered a system of energy production, air treatment plants and comfort. The plant is mainly based on two groups of 300 kW refrigerating Dynaciat with EE1 ≥ 3.50 and variable flow pumps.

Offices are treated by five AirTech air handling units, double flow, with energy recovery system (S = 22.000 m³/h, R = 16.000 cm/h).
The plants are use to refresh the air inside buildings buy the intake of fresh air from outside.
CIAT respond in this way to the issue of air quality in a building.

To ensure greater energy efficiency, they are equipped with plate air heater, upstream type,on air introduced brach to optimize heat exchange with the old exhaust air.

The flow of fresh air introduced will have an opposite route from exhaust, providing a yield of 61% energy recovery. 
Fresh air adjust is controlled by a carbon dioxide sensor and air flow is 1400/540 cm/h.
Finally, 322 units are slim comfort Coadis Hee, serving cold and warm air to spread in different offices. Coadis unit has been specially developed to meet the demands of work which require a low noise level.
It was studied for thin false ceilings, available at high pressure.

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