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KR : South Korea - 500 large wind turbines by 2020

Published on Alternative energy  |  January 10, 2011, 13:25

Currently, research is in the stage of a project to build offshore wind farm consisting of 500 wind turbines, that will be implanted in Jeolla Province (South Korea).

These turbines, of total capacity 2500 MW, would be able to provide enough electricity for the population of Busan (3.7 million) for a month.

"Basically, the system is divided into three phases. In 2013, foresee the installation of 20 wind turbines of 5 MW and the addition of 180 turbines in 2016 and 300 in 2019", said Kang Nam-hoon, General Manager of MKE (Ministry of Knowledge Economy).

South Korean enterprises, such as Hyundai Heavy Industries, Samsung Heavy Industries, Doosan Heavy Industries & Construction Corp. and Hyosung Corp., better understood their interest to engage in the manufacture of wind turbines. The mega-project budget, provided with a fund valued at 6.4 billion euros (9.3 trillion wons), will be funded by state and private investors.

MKE money awarded will fund 0.3% of the total cost of the project (20 million), representing the part of "research and development" of specific technologies.

South Korea aims to reduce its dependence on oil, to cover a third of the energy by 2030, compared to 50% today. Also, South Korea wants to develop renewable energies for reaching 20% within 10 years, compared to 1% today.

An ambitious five-year plan of 30 billion euros, should allow the country to enter the top 5 countries, specialist in the wind sector.

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