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ASTER presents First DfT Software

Published on Softwares & Publications  |  April 5, 2010, 17:14

The software offers electrical and mechanical analysis. ASTER Technologies presented its first design for test software that combines electrical and mechanical analysis.

The software was presented during APEX 2010 at the New Mandalay Bay Resort & Convention Center in Las Vegas.

ASTER designed the software for the DfT market that has to solve the many challenges that developers face today, like: shrinking release cycles, budget compression and improvement in product quality.

TestWay allows users to quantify and qualify the test coverage for a wide range of inspection and test equipments. The analysis was enhanced by ASTER to address the problem for companies that subcontract the manufacture and test of their products, but need to know how to optimize the physical test access in order to achieve maximum test coverage.

The software features an interactive "probe analyzer", a rules-based routine that was designed specifically to assist the Layout engineer or Test developer to identify any possible probe location based on the copper surface, which is useable for a physical access.

TestWay can estimate the test coverage for ICT and FPT based on the measurement capabilities of the targeted test equipment. The device uses color codes to assist the design and test engineer to graphically browse the non-testable nets in the design.

Christophe Lotz, Managing Director of ASTER Technologies, stated: "Within the new electronic world where the people who design is no longer the same as the people who produce, the market expects a new generation of tool that is useable by both groups. Now, design & test engineers can identify in a matter of minutes, a missing test point, and understand the consequences in terms of test coverage".

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