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New Heatcraft ProSelect software

Published on Softwares & Publications  |  April 21, 2010, 22:43

The new ProSelect software is a new product selection software that facilitates the sales and estimates the process for wholesalers, contractors and distributors.

The first format of the ProSelect software is designed exclusively for Heatcraft Refrigeration customers who will be able to download the software from “Access2Answers” with their existing username and password.

With the ProSelect software, users will be able to produce a real-time printed document with pricing information on equipment, options and shipped-loose accessories, and a full submittal specification of the specified product.

In a recent statement, Joe Jones, ProSelect™ software project leader, Heatcraft Refrigeration Products said: “Under the Heatcraft Refrigeration umbrella, we offer the BOHN™, Larkin™, Climate Control™, and Chandler™ commercial refrigeration brands. We want to simplify the specification and selection processes for our customers, while enhancing the purchasing decision process for the end-user of our products.”

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