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SMA Solar Tehnologie AG awarded at the World Energy Conference

Published on Events & Fairs  |  May 2, 2010, 17:41

Deutsche Energie-Agentur awarded the German company SMA Solar Tehnologie AG,with the international energetic efficiency prize 2010, for its accomplishments in the sector of solar inverters with reduced carbon dioxide emissions. The company has its headquarters in Kassel, Germany.

The event took place at Hannover Messe, Germany, with the occasion of the World Energy Conference. This award is generally given to the companies whose projects help to raise energetic efficiency and contribute to the reduction of the energy consumption.

The solar inverters factory SMA has an annual consumption of up to 5GW, registering the lowest energy consumption, due to the use of the systems PV (1,1 MW) and of the termal stataions with biogas. Also, the optimal use  with heat recovery, have contributed to the gain of an efficient superior energy.

The award jury’s assessment: "To achieve CO2-neutral production, SMA has worked with experts to develop and implement an [sic] own energy plan which intelligently combines different energy sources to generate heat, cold, compressed air and electricity as required. It uses existing synergies, controls energy flows as required and matches them optimally to one another. In addition, ultramodern technology is used, together with the utilization of renewable sources to produce energy, such as the sun and biogas. SMA has been awarded the first prize for building a forward-looking facility, which sets the standard for future projects."

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