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JP : Hitachi launches a solar cooling system

Hitachi Plant Technologies, Ltd. (HPT), a subsidiary of Japanese company Hitachi Ltd., recently announced the development of an air conditioning system that uses its own solar energy collectors.

The new solar product from Hitachi manages a reduction in fossil fuel consumption and also reduce emissions of carbon dioxide.

Hitachi Plant Technologies also wants to combine its expertise in solar energy (heat and electricity) with the experience accumulated over the years, in air conditioning systems.

The company is expanding its marketing activity, orienting towards the conditioning in buildings or cooling, for regions: Mediterranée, North America, Western Asia and Australia.

The new solar system was designed to power an absorption refrigeration machine, direct heat generated by a solar collector, to finally obtain the water cooled needed for air conditioning circuit.

As a key top of the system, Hitachi has developed its own solar heat collector, high performance, which is represented by a kind of parable of solar energy.

The collector is enhanced by its design characteristics, such as simple structure and hence its ease of handling.

The new device is automatically oriented towards the sun, working as a parabolic reflector (sunlight is reflected by the mirror) and as a heat collector, for heating a tube filled with a fluid heating.

By 2015, the company HPT expects to achieve with this new technology a turnover of 5 billion yen (44 ME).

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