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ISS parking lot gets crowded

Parking lot at International Space Station (ISS) is getting crowded, as five ships have been docked over the weekend.

Expedition 41/42 arrived last night, carrying one solar panel, the first female cosmonaut, Elena Serova, and cosmonaut Alexander Samokutyaev along with NASA astronaut Barry Wilmore.

The trip to ISS took only six hours, as the crew took the shortcut route. The shorter route came out of necessity, after one of the solar panels of the Soyuz TMA-14M failed to deploy.

As the three new members arrive, the station’s crew returns to six, meeting those already on board -- Commander Max Suraev of Roscosmos, Reid Wiseman of NASA and Alexander Gerst of the European Space Agency – since May.

Also docked at ISS is SpaceX Dragon capsule which arrived earlier last week with more than 2.5 tons of equipment and supplies. The third ship parked is the Soyuz ship which will take Suraev, Wiseman and Gerst home. Add to these the two resupply ships: Progress and European ATV-5.

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