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MagiCAD Ventilation
Published on Design softwares  |  May 21, 2010, 21:19
MagiCAD Ventilation is a powerful CAD program for ventilation design.

MagiCAD’s drawing and routing functions place all necessary ductwork components.

If you change direction while drawing, MagiCAD creates the bend automatically.
If you connect to a bend, the bend is automatically converted to a T-piece.
If you change dimensions, the transition piece is automatically created. If one dimension is undefined, just give the duct size and MagiCAD will create all the necessary components for sizing.

MagiCAD Ventilation contains a large selection of calculation functions, such as flow summation, sizing, balancing, sound calculation and bills of materials. When you have drawn the outlines of your ductwork, it takes only a few mouse clicks to perform the calculations.

With MagiCAD you can draw in any view or UCS, all the functions are always available.
Any object can be displayed in wire-frame mode, conventional 2D presentation or full 3D. Working in different views is flexible and the choice is always yours.

Features and functions
• Draw quickly and easily with a versatile selection of drawing and editing functions
• Switch between wire-frame, 2D and 3D in a matter of seconds
• Choose products from MagiCAD’s extensive database
• Dimension ducts
• Calculate pressure drops
• Calculate sound levels
• Balance and display preset values/damper positions
• Present the most significant flow route
• Analyse flow data
• Place text automatically or manually
• Scale text quickly and easily
• Create bills of materials
• Check collision with installations and buildings
• Easily create and update sections automatically
• Set drawing and other presentation options for each viewport separately
• Utilise plugins for manufacturers’ programs
• Freely define status values, for example for new and existing objects

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