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RH DE CAD 6.0/EC Enterprise Bundle
Published on Design softwares  |  July 2, 2010, 7:41
This bundle includes perpetual licenses for Right Hemisphere Deep Exploration 6.0 CAD and Esperient Creator Enterprise. The bundle includes the first 12 months maintenance for both products - a saving of nearly $1,200!

Deep Exploration CAD Edition enables your extended teams to easily create and deliver visual product communications and collaborate more effectively. Rapidly and easily transform, author, and publish 2D and 3D product graphics and documents on your desktop using existing engineering CAD design data and other digital content. Quickly transform more than 80 different 3D CAD or DCC file formats into accurate, lightweight 2D or 3D product graphics Easily author 2D and 3D product graphics into photorealistic images, animated scenes, or high quality line illustrations Automatically publish authored product graphics into more than 40 different 2D and 3D graphic formats and 3D interactive PDF documents, Microsoft Office applications or any other document format. Transform heavy CAD "Solid Geometry" to uniform lightweight polygonal models optimized for real-time 3D visual manufacturing and maintanance procedures for use with Esperient Creator.

System Requirements:
Windows Vista , Windows XP

Simulation Synthesis Ltd

4500.00 EUR

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