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Published on International  |  February 3, 2010, 10:21
As globally recognised and expert testing and certification organisations, the German TÜVs joined forces in TÜV CERT for the certification of management systems as early as the early 1990s, to provide these services to their usual reputable and high-quality standard and, based on their international reputation, in accordance with standardised provisions.

As an umbrella organisation of the German TÜVs, TÜV CERT had in the past fulfilled a number of tasks and central functions, including the issue of TÜV CERT certificates on the basis of standardised certification rules. Certified clients were allowed to use the TÜV CERT logo. By fulfilling these tasks and functions, TÜV CERT was directly integrated into the processes of its members, the TÜV organisations.

The rapid rise in certification services and their growing diversification caused an increasing number of these tasks and functions to be integrated directly into the individual processes at the TÜV organisations. Today, each German TÜV issues its own uniform certificates for its entire comprehensive portfolio.

This does not affect the standardised policy pursued by the TÜV organisations, in particular for internationally recognised accredited standards. The TÜV organisations in TÜV CERT still stand for the standardised provision, continuous improvement and implementation of value-added certification services on behalf of their clients.

Link : http://www.tuev-cert.de/index_en.html

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