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R-410A versus R-22 Refrigerants

March 25, 2010

r-410a versus r-22 refrigerantR-22 is a refrigerant that has been widely used in air conditioners and heat pumps for many years. It has been deemed hazardous to the environment and it will begin phase-out by law in the year 2010. The replacement refrigerant for R-22, R-410A, is being produced to meet the rising demand for new air conditioner and heat pumps systems. Why do consumers need to understand the impact this law is having on the HVAC market? Because it will determine what HVAC consumers pat for future repairs made to their equipment. Everything boils down to the new law, refrigerant and HVAC equipment manufacturers retrofitting factories for the new HVAC equipment, and supply and demand. The changeover has already begun and there is some apprehension about this changeover.