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MEP - Mechanical, Electric and Plumbing           

MEP Business Directory           
The MEP Directory is open to all companies involved or in connection with the following domains :and sub-domains           
  •     Building Service Systems       
        Plumbing / Sanitary   
        Rain and waste water collection systems   
        Fire extinguishing systems   
        Air conditioning   
        Air treatment systems   
        Cooling systems   
        Electrical and Lighting   
        Automation for HVAC ( BMS )   
        Security systems   
        Access control systems   
        Video monitoring systems   
        Fire detection and alarming systems   
        Lightning protection systems   
        Communication systems   
  •     Public utility systems       
        Power supply network   
        Outdoor lighting network   
        Water supply network   
        Irrigation systems   
        Waste water network   
        Urban heating and cooling network   
        Natural gas supply network   
        Environmental Water Applications   
  •     Green Systems       
        Renewable systems   
        Accumulation systems   
        Pollution prevention   
        Recycling systems   
  •     Technological plants       
        Compressed air systems   
        Vacuum systems   
        Purified water systems   
        Thermal treatments   
        Industrial Air Treatment   

Here you can find Manufacturers, Designers, Installers and Service Providers dealing in Residential, Commercial and Industrial Applications           
MEP Professional Community   

This Community is the ideal place to help and be helped, to know people and to be known by people working in the same domain as you do.           
Being in contact with worldwide professionals, will open new horizon of knowledge and opportunities for you and your company.           
MEP Information Center           

The Instal Biz Information Center has the following sections :           

  •     News       

Daily updated MEP news, from all over the world.           

  •     Resurces       

This section has been created to facilitate your research in the filed. We gathered in one place all the necessary information to create a useful tool for you.Here you can find form Theory, Books and Magazines to Software and Professional Associations.           

  •     Events       

Updated Events ( trade fairs, forums, congress, etc ) from all over the world, selected only for your domain.